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authorSung-jae Park <>2013-03-19 10:10:21 (GMT)
committerSung-jae Park <>2013-03-19 10:20:08 (GMT)
commit2cef23b3e9154a4a27c9bfafd8ad040289dfd4f0 (patch)
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Bugs are fixed and new features are introduced
1. Focus based event sending. (mouse event & master) Optimize the input event routing code. Input event can be gathered by event device directly. To save the resource for mouse event handling. If the viewer select a box using content_event(SET), the provider will send all mouse event to the selected box without any concerning of viewer. Currently the viewer sends all mouse event via master to boxes. But this new concept will reduce the IPC overhead by sending them to the box directly. If the viewer unselect a box using content_event(UNSET), the provider will stop to send events to box. 2. Fixed bugs of code for handling the case of failed to launch a slave provider. If the slave provider didn't answers after launch it to the master, The master will handles it as faulted box. In that case, the master didn't care the resources of slave provider in core. So it could make the resource leak. This patch will fix it. Even if the slave didn't send hello message, so it would be faulted, the master will clear the resources correctly. 3. Initiate script bug is fixed (for the F/W developer) When the developer tries to start the master daemon twice, a new process will be launched. This is not to be happens, so this patch will fix it. When the developer tries to launch daemon again via data-provider-master script (init.d), It will check the running process first. If it find one, the scrip will be finished with error code, to prevent multiple daemon running. 4. Event device path is added to conf. We have the configuration file. Which includes many variable informations for making adaptable dameon. This patch will add new entry "input". It will be used to monitor the input device for case 1. Change-Id: Iaf07a3c7ff5aab077ac244d2f3d8ac39db2145b2
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diff --git a/data/baltic.conf.ini b/data/baltic.conf.ini
index d823052..8854848 100644
--- a/data/baltic.conf.ini
+++ b/data/baltic.conf.ini
@@ -28,3 +28,4 @@ debug_mode=false
diff --git a/data/data-provider-master b/data/data-provider-master
index 9e2132a..506dca2 100755
--- a/data/data-provider-master
+++ b/data/data-provider-master
@@ -34,6 +34,12 @@ launch_provider()
start ()
+ OLDPID=`ps ax | grep /usr/bin/data-provider-master | grep -v grep | awk '{print $1}'`
+ if [ x"$OLDPID" != x"" ]; then
+ echo $OLDPID is already running.
+ exit 0
+ fi
rm /tmp/.stop.provider
launch_provider &
diff --git a/data/private.conf.ini b/data/private.conf.ini
index c5285fe..243a291 100644
--- a/data/private.conf.ini
+++ b/data/private.conf.ini
@@ -28,3 +28,4 @@ debug_mode=false