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-msgstr "Wi-Fi Direct"
-msgstr "Deactivating Wi-Fi Direct..."
-msgstr "Activating Wi-Fi Direct..."
-msgstr "Scanning..."
-msgstr "Wi-Fi Direct activated"
-msgstr "Device name"
-msgstr "Available Devices"
-msgstr "Wi-Fi Direct Devices"
-msgstr "No devices"
-msgstr "HELP"
-msgstr "Connecting..."
-msgstr "Connected"
-msgstr "Connect"
-msgstr "Scan"
-msgstr "Stop"
-msgstr "Failed to activate Wi-Fi Direct"
-msgstr "Failed to deactivate Wi-Fi Direct"
-msgstr "Connecting is timeout"
-msgstr "Authentication failure"
-msgstr "Link creation failure"
-msgstr "Unknown error"
-msgstr "Enabling Wi-Fi Direct will disable Wi-Fi.<br>Continue?"
-msgstr "This will turn off Portable Wi-Fi hotspots operation.<br>Continue?"
-msgstr "This device do not support<br>Wi-Fi Direct Service"
-msgstr "This device have some problem with<br>Wi-Fi Direct Service"
-msgstr "Cancel Wi-Fi direct connection.<br>Continue?"
-msgstr "Current connect wil be disconnected."
-msgstr "To start new scanning,<br>current connection will be<br>ended.Continue?"
-msgstr "You can connect up to<br>%d devices at the same time."
-msgstr "Unavailable device. Device is connected to another device." \ No newline at end of file